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COGO, Geographic Calculators, CADD, Terrain Mapping, Description Generators, GPS, Navigation, GIS, Imagery, Water Resources, Hydrography, Business, Lists & Collections, other

Coordinate Geometry [COGO] etc.:

Ephemerides and datum conversion:

NLREG: Non-Linear Regression Analysis Program

Computer Aided Drafting and Design [CADD]:

a good list of low cost 3D CAD programs

Terrain Mapping:

Description Generators:


Navigation and Tracking Software:


Imagery manipulators:

Raster to Vector:

  • NDS/Map, now NeuraMap from Neuralog, Inc.
  • TracTrix from Trix Systems
  • I/Vector from Ideal
  • R2V from Able Software
  • KVEC
  • Water Resources:

    Hydrographic Survey:

    Business Tools:

    lists and collections:


    ARDI is the company that makes Executor, a 100% native software Macintosh emulator for PCs.
    for x86 emulation on a Mac, look into QEMU

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