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Land Surveying and Geomatics
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  • SurveyCarreers.com job bank
  • GISjobs.com
  • GeoSearch personnel recruiters
  • Website for Right-of-Way Professionals, including personnel matching
  • Counsel Connect Web of/for attorneys
  • Earth Viewer
  • Datum Parameters compiled by the European Petroleum Survey Group
  • the GeoTiff webpage
  • VLBI Geodesy
  • FAA "Part 77" and the rest of the Federal Aviation Regulation
  • a reference section on Land Records
  • GeoWeb online resources for GIS, GPS, and RS
  • Latitude/Longitude Position Finder
  • the Contractor's Zone
  • International Association of Assessing Officers
  • the Design Professionals Insurance Company [DPIC]
  • Radians
  • the Geography of Cyberspace

    Related Interests....
    such as ... Geometry, Geology, Geotechnics, Hydrology, Water Resources, Wetlands, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, the Environment, Healthy Homes, Orienteering, Trees, Civil Engineering, Railroads, HP Calculators [48] and Palmtops, Clocks and Time, NASA imagery, the Around Alone, Sailing [alt], Lighthouses, Butterflys, Celestial Spheres, Science and Education, 2004 Olympic Games, 1993 Mississippi River Flood, remembered, Brewing, Holography, Fractals and other Math Art, Mathematics, Pi, Philosophy, Great Books, Religion,
    and Whatnot

    and if you have a lot of time, a fast image browser, and an interest in weather, follow the leads from the Storm Chaser's Photo Gallery or view the NWS Severe Storm Spotter Training Guide slide series.

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