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Land Surveying and Geomatics
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Geospatial Standards of the USGS National Mapping Program
U.S. National Atlas
U.S. National Map
USGS Quads in PDF
FEMA Flood Maps (U.S)
GPS Visualizer

Martindale's Reference Desk Cartographic Calculators

US National Wetlands Inventory
Topo Zone, the Web's first interactive topo map of the entire United States.

The Geographic Name Server located at martini.eecs.umich.edu (University of Michigan) has crashed and will no longer be on-line.
The Geography Department at Rutgers University was hosting a new telnet Geographic Name Server at geogns.rutgers.edu, port 3000, but that's dead now also.
MIT has an interface to the old martini server data.

The Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names can even find "neighborhoods", vernacular and historic names, worldwide.

The U.S. Census Bureau Mapping and Cartographic Resources

USGS NMD GNIS [Geographic Names Information System] can also locate topographic features.

USGS EarthExplorer

NIMA (now NGIA) GEOnet Names Server provides GNIS features for the rest of the planet.

Here's a service to use the GNS to compute distance between two points

the Online Map Creation Site

CIA World Fact Book

Watershed Mapping from the EPA

National Geographic Society's Map Machine

US National Park Service Cartographic Resources

Canadian National Atlas

not interactive, but Terminal Maps of US Airports

USGS Quads in Digital Formats from:

  • usgsquads.com
  • TopoQuest
  • MSR/Bing
  • TerraServer
  • see:

  • Collections of Historic Maps
  • UC Berkeley Resource List
  • Color Landform Atlas of the US and individual states
  • OSU Center for Mapping and their GPSvan project
  • International Map Trade Association
  • PCL Map Collection
  • Map-Related Web Sites
  • Harvard Map Collection
  • University of Chicago Library Map Colleciton
  • David Rumsey Collection
  • Center For Advanced Spatial Technologies
  • DeLorme Mapping
  • American Digital Cartography, Inc.
  • Omni Resources
  • the Heritage Map Museum
  • the History of Cartography
  • the Truckers Guide to Maps and Mapping
  • Historical Maps
  • Jim Siebold's Cartographic Images Database
  • Rand McNally
  • Land Info Digital Maps
  • Navigation Technologies
  • Rockford Map Publishers
  • Global Mapper software
  • Wayfaring

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