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Satellite Navigation Systems

Selective Availability (SA) switched off!

Software Listings

The U.S. Naval Observatory provides recent and current NAVSTAR status information in a number of different ways.

You may obtain precise ephemeris and other data by direct dial the U.S. Coast Guard BBS at 703-313-5910, or telnet through fedworld [] From the main menu (/go main) type UDD54

the U.S. Coast Guard's new Navigation Information Service Internet GPS site

the U.S. Space Command's GPS Support Center

GPS Explained by the FAA

Precise Ephemerides are also available via ftp from NGS.

Status information is available from NASA JPL. Current and historic status summaries are available from the Austrailian Surveying and Land Information Group (AUSLIG) site; and from iFag Leipzig

Almanac Data is available from MIT and from Germany

Rinex specification

the US National Telecommunications and Information Adminstration, Office of Spectrum Management, maintains a site covering Issues for WRC-99

NGS works with the United States Coast Guard to implement their DGPS Project, a system of Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS)).
link:2003 CORS User Forum

  • the San Francisco Bay Area Regional Deformation network
  • Scripts Orbital & Permanent Array Center (SOPAC)
  • USGS Pasadena Field Office !! not responding Mar'98
  • International GPS Service for Geodynamics (IGS)
  • University NAVSTAR Consortium (UNAVCO)
  • NOAA's Geosciences Research Division
  • other Base Station data publically available:

  • Fayetteville AR
  • Flagstaff AZ
  • Lansing MI
  • Minneapolis MN -- ! not online 9 March ! --
  • North Carolina Geodetic Survey
  • Albuquerque NM
  • Wilkes Barre PA
  • Memphis TN
  • Waukesha WI
  • US Forest Service
  • Michigan DOT
  • Radio Broadcast Correction Services for DGPS

  • Differential Corrections, Inc. [DCI]
  • OmniStar DGPS
  • Accqpoint
  • See also

  • the site of the Joint Program Office [JPO]
  • GPS Antenna Calibration notes from NGS Geosciences Research Division and reports from UNAVCO
  • NASA's Crustal Dynamics Data Information System
  • GPSnet
  • a review of receiver cards
  • 3S Navigation
  • Russia's Global Navigation Satellite System ( GLONASS )
  • Richard Langley's GPS Internet Connections and information sources.
  • the CANSPACE gopher
  • Alfred Leick's GPS, GLONASS, and GEODESY site.
  • John Beadles' Intro to GPS Applications
  • Sam Wormley's GPS Resources
  • Peter Bennett's NMEA-0183 and GPS Information
  • GPS Resource Library
  • GPS World Magazine
  • the Institute of Navigation
    the Navtech GPS Store

    Vendors on line:

  • a list from Richard Langley
  • Starlink
  • Rockwell
  • Ashtech
  • Geotronics
  • Leica
  • NovAtel
  • Topcon
  • Trimble
  • Allen Osborne Associates
  • Dassault Sercel
  • Corvallis MicroTechnology, Inc. [CMT]
  • Lowrance Electronics
  • GPSPACE post processing services
  • GEOsurv
  • Lamba Tech International
  • Del Norte Technology, Inc.
  • Mercat, Inc.
  • Position, Inc. was Pulsearch Navigation Systems?
  • other Applications:

  • Precision Farming
  • Crustal Motion Monitoring

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